Cairns & Bro Leather Helmets

Cairns & Bro Model #350 Senator Hi Eagle


This Helmet is a Cairns & Bro model # 350 Senator Hi Eagle from the late 1920's.

Cairns & Bro Leather Helmets

In this catalog I present my collection of Cairns & Bro leather helmets.   Nearly all of my helmets are ex working helmets which is the way I like them. 


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New Yorker

Description: This New Yorker is from the late 1930's early 1940's.  Has a felt liner and New York Disc with 3 holes.  The front indicates that it is from Wayne Twp., In, and is a work of art with the letters cut out and the number painted on.  The felt liner and style of the front would indicate that it is more 1930's than the 40's.

5a New Yorker

Description: This 5A New Yorker  is from the Pequannock FD and has a Clifton NJ disc in the crown indicating manufacture in the 1947-56 period.  The Helmet front indicates that it is from Engine Co #2 .

New Yorker

Description: This is a 1907 Cairns & Bro New Yorker.  This ventilated helmet has never been used and is in mint condition.  It is descibed as a "Reenforced Service Helmet", patented July 22nd 1902.  It has a paper sticker in the crown indicating that it was sold by A.E. Long of Portland, Oregon, USA.

430 Warbaby

Description:  The 430 Warbaby first released in 1937.  This helmet came from the San Bruno Fire Department in California.  It also spent a number of years in the Captain Jack Henry's "International Fire Museum Collection".  Check out my History Page for more details on this model helmet.

500H/505M Solid Top

Description: This 500H/505M Solid Top with dropped brim was made in 1941 as part of a US Army contract.  The helmet has a contract stencil inside the leather band.  It has a New York disc with 3 holes in side the crown.

650 Seamless

Description: 650 Seamless with regulation brim. The difference between this model and the model # 600/605 is the lack of reinforced leather on the crown as can be seen on the model #500/505.  It has a Clifton NJ disc (no letter) indicating DOM 1947-56 period.  I haven't seen any info on this model yet.   The helmet front is from the Delaware City FD and is not the original front.

5a Volunteer

Description:  This is 5a Volunteer from the Capt. Jack Henry Collection.  It was donated to the collection by the "Embajada De Colombia" in 1957.  Senor Edmundo de H. Castello, First Secretary appears to have organised the donation from the Bogoto Bombero.   It has never been used in service and has a Clifton New Jersey Disk with no letter.

MODEL #32 Improved Roman Helmet 1890's

Description: This model appeared in the 1890 Cairns & Bro Catalog # 18 as the Model #32, Improved Roman Helmet.  Inside the crown show where the paper label once appeared and still has the cloth liner.  This model would have been very light to wear and was apparently very popular with the Sth American FD's as later catalogs would attest.

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350 Senator with High Eagle

This a early 30s 350 Senator with high eagle from East Providence RI

Old Fireman 1800s

 1800's fireman with high eagle helmet

Cairns & Bro Logo


Another 1800's Fireman

Love the moustache

themed object
Fire Helmet Collection
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